“Black Chocolate Milk” Recipe

Our Coconut Black Chocolate Butter  won a Gold Award at the Cannes Dessert Awards and a International Flavor Award. We use less than 20% organic cane sugar. 🙂 This makes a wonderful low sugar chocolate milk for the whole family.


1 tablespoon Akaka Falls Farm Coconut Black Chocolate Butter
1 1/2 cup coconut milk (or any milk you prefer)
Cocoa powder for garnish or a chocolate straw if you like.


Step 1. Add the Coconut Black Chocolate Butter to a shaker
with the milk and no ice.
Step 2. Shake well until well blended.
Step 3. Pour the shaker into a glass or over ice if you prefer.
Step 4. garnish the rim with cocoa powder or add a chocolate
straw and enjoy.
We used new room temperature jars instead of cold ones from
the fridge. Using already opened jars from the fridge you
should heat 1/2 cup of milk and melt the chocolate inside. Then
Add milk and chocolate to shaker (but this time with ice and
shake until well blended.


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