“Blueberry dark chocolate milk” (vegan) Recipe

“Blueberry dark chocolate milk” (vegan) Recipe

We all love chocolate milk :).
Here is a vegan, low sugar, organically farmed Blueberry Chocolate Milk recipe for the
whole family.
Our Blueberry Dark Chocolate preserve is made with less organic cane sugar than most
preserves. Akaka Falls Farm’s Blueberry Dark Chocolate won a 2021 Cannes Dessert
Award . This makes a wonderful low sugar Blueberry chocolate milk for the whole family.
1 tablespoon Akaka Falls Farm’s Blueberry Dark Chocolate Preserve
1 1/2 cups of organic oat milk, or almond milk, or Mac nut milk, we used oat milk
Blueberries for garnish
We rimmed the glass with cocoa powder and added a chocolate straw as well
Step 1. Add the tablespoon of the blueberry chocolate to a shaker with no ice, add the milk
and shake well until well blended.

Step 2. Pour the whole shaker into a glass. pour
over ice if you’d like.
Step 3. Garnish with blueberries or chocolate and


Katy always positive, energetic, professional and courteous has become a fixture at the Pearl Ridge, Waimea Falls, and Mililani Farmers Markets on Oahu selling our preserves. With an extensive background in fine food, spirits and the restaurant industry. A professional mixologist, her skill in creating and preparing original drinks and cocktails is amazing. A valued addition to our staff, we are so fortunate to have her represent us and share some of
her culinary creations. I can’t wait, be sure to check back with us for her next fantastic creation.

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