Cannes Dessert Prize


Steve’s Akaka Falls Farm, proud winner of the 2022 Cannes Golden Dessert Award And the 2021 Cannes Dessert Prize.

Cannes Dessert Prize

Founded in Cannes France, a country pursuing freedom

The Cannes Dessert Award was established by stimulating the possibility of more technology, creativity and designers in the process of cultural collision and fusion


In catering, desserts are protagonists that can exist independently.
It is definitely an art.
It is a unique existence that was created around the concept of “excellence.”
It shows the designer’s spirit from different bases.
It reflects its self-value on the path to the top.

Everything about dessert is chasing perfection.
It can take years just to wait for a new recipe to mature.
It still retains the traditional refinement and quality in a materialistic era.
Every step from the selection of ingredients to processing.
All of the steps have rigorous standards that close to perfection.
The degree of sophistication is comparable to that of artwork.

Aloha from Steve (the farmer, cook and head bottle washer)
Please Call: Toll: (888) 538-1811 if you have any questions.

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