Apple Bourbon Cider Recipe

“Apple Bourbon Cider” Recipe

Get cozy with this warm apple and bourbon cocktail. Steve’s Meyer Lemon Scotch Whiskey Marmalade brings the flavor profile to a new level and compliments the apples just perfectly. We use unfiltered apple juice for more of a cider feel, and fresh cracked pepper adds a nice bite at the end.

“Steve’s Christmas Coquito”! Recipe

“Steve’s Christmas Coquito!” The classic Coquito comes from Puerto Rico and is served during December holidays :). It is a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, coconut cream, coconut milk, and vanilla. It can also be made with additional egg yolks, and condensed milk. With Steve’s Akaka Falls Farm Coconut Butter you get to skip the coconut

“Rosy Cheeks” Cocktail Recipe

“Rosy Cheeks” Cocktail Recipe This golden autumn inspired cocktail encompasses a wide range of fall flavors while keeping the sugar level low and the ingredients organic. A fairly stout drink, this would be a perfect choice for a way to warm up on a cold evening, and is also an aperitif to help with digestion…

Aviation With Aloha Recipe

“Aviation with Aloha” The Aviation is a classic gin cocktail that dates back to the turn of the 20th century, first appearing in a cocktail book in 1916. With its unique floral notes, bittersweet cherry, and acidic lemon it’s no wonder this cocktail has withstood the test of time. We have replaced the lemon juice…

“Jaboticaba & Cranberry Holiday Mule” Recipe

“Jaboticaba & Cranberry Holiday Mule” Recipe With thanksgiving right around the corner this bright, refreshing, cranberry and Jaboticaba mule is perfect to accompany your turkey dinner or to just sip at the beach. Jaboticaba is a Brazilian fruit with high antioxidant and inflammatory traits. It boosts your immunity, promotes healthy skin, promotes digestive health, prevents…

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