Calamondin Lilikoi Vinaigrette Recipe

Preparation- 20 minutes Serves 4 Salad ingredients: Your choice of lettuce/greens mixture. Rainbow carrots- sliced Red cabbage-sliced thinly Mango, persimmons or other seasonal fruit sliced Cucumber -small cubes Beets- grated Seasoned pistachios Powdered bee pollen – optional Be as creative as you want. Have fun with arranging colorful vegetables and fruits and see where your…

Warm Lamb Salad with Blood Orange Rose Petal Marmalade

“Warm Lamb Salad with Blood Orange Rose Petal Marmalade” Recipe

A fresh warm lamb salad recipe with delightful flavors! Recipe Ingredients: 4 lamb rumps, each weighing 160g, trimmed6 tsp olive oil300g of new potatoes3 tbsp Akaka Falls Farm’s Blood Orange Rose Petal Marmalade1 red onion, peeled and sliced6 garlic cloves, peeled and sliced2 tsp oregano leaves, or thyme leaves16 cherries, pitted and halvedsaltfreshly ground black pepper2 tbsp of balsamic…

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