Coconut Black Chocolate Frozen Banana Dessert Recipe

Coconut Black Chocolate Frozen Banana Recipe


Of course the kids will love it but this is certainly a fun dessert treat for children of all ages


3 bananas of your favorite variety cut in half or thirds, depending on size
1 Popsicle stick or bamboo stick or sturdy straw for each piece
One jar of Akaka Falls Farm Coconut Black Chocolate Butter


Shredded coconut, chopped macadamia nuts, or sprinkles.


Take the peeled, cut banana pieces and insert a straw, popsicle or bamboo stick into the center of the cut end about 2⁄3 up each piece of banana. Set them on a plate or cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and freeze for about an hour.
Pour the Akaka Falls Farm Coconut Black Chocolate Butter in a sauce pan and melt slightly. Pour the melted chocolate butter into a shallow bowl, slightly wider than the length of your banana.
Roll each banana-one at a time, in the chocolate butter till covered. (You want to do the next step very quickly before the chocolate sets).
Prepare a pan lined with parchment for the freezer.
Fill a plate or shallow bowl- slightly larger than your banana pieces with sprinkles, coconut or chopped nuts. Roll each banana piece gently to give a concentrated coat of your toppings.
Place in the freezer to set up for about an hour and serve.

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