Fresh Oyster Ice Cream Recipe

Fresh oyster ice cream
12 fresh oysters
Fresh cream 1L Milk 1L
Egg yolk 5 Sugar 150g
Start by shucking the oysters be careful not to cut your hand. After that add the
oysters and the oyster water in a blender add the cream, milk, egg yolk and
sugar mix well.
Put the mix in a vacuum bag and seal it. Put the bag in sous vide on 84c and
cook for 20 minutes. Take out the bag and rest in the refrigerator for 24 hours
so all the protein mix and merge together to give you the flavor needed.
Sieve the mixture and add it to a small dough mixer with the handle ready and
start mixing on low speed while dropping the liquid nitrogen slowly, keep
adding nitrogen until you receive the texture needed as ice cream, don’t add too
much so it doesn’t crystalize nor too little so it melts fast.
When using liquid nitrogen please follow proper safety guidelines, Here is a
short you tube video to review on making ice cream with liquid nitrogen.
Enjoy with a drizzle of black squid ink.


Recipe by Charbel Aoun


A skilled Culinary Professional, and 2 star Michelin award winner in 2002 from L’auberges restaurant, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Recognized for a comprehensive knowledge of Italian & French cuisine and an innovative approach to setting the stage for a customized dining experience. Winner of golden certificate in Molecular Gastronomy in 2009, Berlin, Germany. More than 22 years of progressive experience managing the provision of fine dining for resorts, restaurants, country clubs, and clubhouses; refining the art of cooking; developing impressive menus; and preparing culinary dishes influenced by culturally diverse regions around the globe. Particularly committed to leaving patrons with an especially memorable dining experience.

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