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Sustainable farming is not such a new concept as it is a lost one and is gaining popularity internationally. Food safety, nutritional value, eco-friendly and sustainability are fast gaining precedence over genetically modified, artificially sweetened, and seemingly “better-looking” food.

How are your fine jams, marmalades, and butters sustainably grown?

  • We don’t use any commercial chemicals, insecticides, herbicides or fungicides. We mix fish from the ocean to supplement our natural fertilizers made on Akaka Falls Farm
  • We grow around 300 fruit trees, 2,000 feet of vines, island pineapples and seasonal peppers in containers and in the ground.
  • We believe in a slow-growth natural program for our orchard and farm following organic methods from different styles of farming practices. These include biodynamic methods, Korean eco-friendly farming practices, and other organic methods.

Fun Farm Fact:

The farm utilizes biologically beneficial insects and bacterias while promoting natural farming techniques.
By using these sustainable farming techniques, we create delicious fruits and protect the local Hawaiian farming eco-systems.
Why do our preserves, marmalades, and butters taste so delicious?
  • We believe that when fruit is naturally grown, not forced (using chemical fertilizers, over fertilizing, genetically modifying) for maximum fruit production, using natural techniques produces a taster fruit.
  • Fruit that is allowed to mature and sweeten, without being forced to grow faster, which sometimes causes fruit to be watery, pulpy or to grow with thicker rinds
Local Farming Community: We love supporting local small family organic growers, also our local Hawaiian artists and photographers: using their gorgeous art and photographs when creating your products.

You are invited to experience Hawaiian and international flavors by tasting and sharing delicious sweet and savory preserves, dessert butters , and marmalade delights .

We appreciate your supporting our farm family,
Steve and crew at Akaka Falls Farm.

FARM - to - KITCHEN to your table

Fruits are seasonal. Recipes are unique. Fresh is best.
Mixing old with new is where culinary magic happens. We cook our preserves blending old world traditional “open pot” cooking with modern small batch artisan techniques.
Everything is made in small batches from 30 to 60 jars at time, by hand, in our artisan farm kitchen on the island. Small batches allow better control when cooking.
All of our preserves are made fresh with the utmost attention to taste, and quality.
We always search for unique flavors and use the finest ingredients.

We are a Produce Kitchen with vegetables and fruits

  • No allergens except eggs and butter, which are cooked in separate pots
  • No nuts
  • No meats
  • No seafood
  • No gluten

We have our own state and federally registered commercial kitchen.

Akaka Falls Farm is extremely proud of our international staff and crew that help us produce your preserves.

High Quality Ingredients
  • Organic cane sugar as our sweetener
  • GMO-free Citrus Pectin
  • Fresh fruit from our volcanic island farm
  • Other locally sustainably grown fruits
  • Seasonally select fruit from the mainland

New recipes are always being created for you…

Steve’s Akaka Falls Farm recipes use Award-Winning International…

  • Spices
  • Spirits
  • Chocolates
In the kitchen we love a challenge, we love to eat, and we love to share amazing flavors.
All fruit is harvested and prepared fresh in our kitchen, then cooked or stored in freezers for future use.
Your preserves can be used as…simple syrups for drinks, flavor enhancers in recipes, BBQ sauces, glazes, dipping sauces, dessert toppings and of course on bread, toast, biscuits, and pancakes… and …anything 🙂
Your delight is why we are committed to providing some of the best quality preserves and taste experiences for our customer’s palette.
We welcome you to experience some delicious products.
Steve and crew at Akaka Falls Farm
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