Italian Seafood Salad with Meyer Lemon Marmalade Recipe (insalata di mare)

225g dry-packed bay or sea scallops, cut into 1/2-inch pieces
2 teaspoons grated zest and 240ml juice from 8 to 10 lemons, divided
450g large shrimp, peeled and deveined
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt, plus more to taste
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
4 medium cloves garlic, 2 crushed and 2 minced, divided
135ml extra-virgin olive oil, divided
1kg mussels, de-bearded and scrubbed (see notes)
5 whole peppercorns
2 bay leaves
450g cleaned squid bodies and tentacles, bodies cut into 1/2-inch rings and large
tentacles halved lengthwise
20g minced flat-leaf parsley leaves and tender stems
Dash cayenne pepper
Dash ground coriander seeds
20g Akaka’s Meyer lemon Marmalade
Freshly ground black pepper
170g celery, sliced thinly on the bias
115g cored and peeled fennel bulb, cut lengthwise into quarters, then sliced thinly on
the bias
Toss scallops with 6 tablespoons (90ml) lemon juice in a nonreactive bowl.
Refrigerate for at least 1 hour and up to 2 hours before serving.
Meanwhile, toss the shrimp with the salt and baking soda in a medium bowl and set
aside for 30 minutes.
2 crushed garlic cloves in 1 tablespoon (15ml) oil in a large saucepan over medium
heat until golden, about 4 minutes. Bring 1 cup (240ml) water to a boil over high
heat. Cover and cook for 3 minutes, or until all mussels have opened. Transfer
mussels to a large bowl with a slotted spoon and chill until chilled.
To the mussel-steaming liquid, add 4 cups (960ml) cold water, as well as 2
tablespoons (30ml) lemon juice, peppercorns, and bay leaves.
Set the poaching liquid over medium-high heat and add the shrimp (without rinsing)
and squid. Cook, stirring occasionally, over medium-high heat until the liquid
temperature reaches 170°F on an instant-read thermometer. Cook until the shrimp
are fully cooked and no longer translucent in the center. (They may be cooked by
the time your water reaches 170°F; adjust heat to ensure temperature does not
rise above 170°F otherwise.) Transfer shrimp and squid to a large bowl and
chill. Poaching liquid, peppercorns, and bay leaves should be discarded.

Remove all but 10 mussels from their shells, leaving the shells behind. Cut the
shrimp in half lengthwise, down the center. Combine parsley, remaining 1/2 cup
(120ml) lemon juice, the marmalade, lemon zest, remaining 1/2 cup (120ml) olive
oil, remaining 2 minced garlic cloves, cayenne pepper, and coriander seed in a
medium mixing bowl. Whisk thoroughly.
Drain the scallops. Combine scallops, shrimp, squid, shelled mussels, and dressing
in a large mixing bowl. Toss with salt and pepper to taste. Add 10 shell-on
mussels. Dressed seafood can be refrigerated for up to two days and will improve
in flavor.
When ready to serve, toss the seafood salad with the celery and fennel.
You can add the celery and fennel up to 30 minutes before serving, but any sooner
and they’ll soften too much, Season with salt and pepper and serve chilled.


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