Jamaican Pepper Coconut Dark Chocolate Cake

Pate Sable:

150g butter
1g sea salt
100g icing sugar
25g almond powder
50g eggs
5g black pepper powder
250g flour
Cut butter into little cubes, mix all ingredients except the eggs into a powder. When the powder is homogeneous add the eggs and mix gently to obtain a homogeneous dough. Spread directly between 2 sheets at 2mm and cut out discs of 6cm in diameter. Freeze then cook for about 10m at 165c.

Cocoa Biscuit:

35g egg yolk
100g eggs
75g sugar
80g egg whites
40g sugar
30g flour
30g cocoa powder
Whip the egg yolks the eggs and the sugar. Whip the egg whites and 40g sugar. Swift the flour and cocoa powder together. Mix softly the 2 mixes add the powders. Pour into a baking plate cook 170c for 8 minutes.

Pepper Cremeux:

125g cream
125g milk
10g milk powder
10g Jamaican pepper
40g sugar
40g yolks
21g gelatin mass
Boil the milk, cream and milk powder with the crushed Jamaican pepper. Beat the egg yolks with the sugar. Bake the cream at 85c. add the gelatin pour into an insert mold freeze.
Chocolate mousse:
205g milk
255g Valrhona Caraibe 66%
66% couverture
340g whipped cream
Boil the milk, pour on the couverture. Whip the cream. Let the ganache cool to 40c. add the whipped cream, mix softly and use directly.

500g Akaka Falls Farm Coconut Black Chocolate Spread

Assemble it upside down, pipe the chocolate mousse in the mold, place the pepper cremeux insert to freeze. Pipe the mousse to 85% of the height of the mold, place a disc of cocoa biscuit 4cm in diameter, smooth and then
freeze. Mold the rest of the mousse into the insert molds and freeze. Glaze the cakes with Akaka Falls Farm Coconut Black Chocolate Butter glaze heated to 35c. place the cakes on the pate sable then place a cracked
pepper and gold leaf (if available).

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and an innovative approach to setting the stage for a customized dining experience. Winner of golden certificate in Molecular Gastronomy in 2009, Berlin,Germany. More than 22 years of progressive experience managing the provision of fine dining for resorts, restaurants, country clubs, and clubhouses; refining the art of cooking; developing impressive menus; and preparing culinary dishes influenced by culturally diverse regions around the globe. Particularly committed to leaving patrons with an especially memorable dining experience.

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