“Milk Chocolate Milk” Recipe

Milk Chocolate Milk” Recipe
Kids love milk chocolate and most chocolates spreads ,like Nutella are made
with more sugar or using high fructose corn syrup. Our milk chocolates are
made with under 20% organic cane sugar. Akaka Falls Farm’s Coconut
Chocolate Butter 
won a 2020 International Flavor Award. We use less than 20%
organic cane sugar. 🙂 This makes a wonderful low sugar chocolate milk for the
whole family.


1 tablespoon Akaka Falls Farm Coconut Chocolate Butter
1 1/2 cups milk of your choice (we used almond)
Cocoa powder for garnish or a chocolate straw if you like.


Step 1. Add the Coconut Chocolate Butter to a shaker with the milk and no ice.
Step 2. Shake well until well blended.
Step 3. Pour the shaker into a glass or over ice if you prefer.
Step 4. garnish the rim with cocoa powder or add a chocolate straw and enjoy.
We used new room temperature jars instead of cold ones from the fridge. Using  already opened jars from the fridge you should heat 1/2 cup of milk and melt the chocolate inside. Then add milk and chocolate to shaker (but this time with ice and shake until well blended).



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