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We believe the taste of food is important to you. We also believe how food is made, is also important to our world. Pesticide and Chemical-free fruits grown on lush volcanic, island soil.
Our Culturally diverse naturally run farm and small-batch Artisan Kitchen in Hawaii are full of life, love, and laughter creating your flavors.
How did Steve’s Akaka Falls Farm Jams and Preserves begin?

Steve and his wife Corinne were plant growers and landscape contractors for years.

“Community is part of our business. One of our goals is to help other small farmers promote and sell their produce and fruit.”
In the early 70’s ,Steve came to Hawaii and fell in love with the tropical Islands.
Being an avid sailor and my wife Corinne a diver, pilot, and an adventurous woman we planned to make Hawaii our home
That opportunity came in the year 2000. We purchased a small sugar cane parcel surrounded by 750 Acres of State of Hawaii land next to the Akaka Falls State Park in the small town of Honomu, 13 miles north of Hilo.
A little more than three miles out of town on Akaka Falls Road you will enter Akaka Falls State Park, with a number of waterfalls. Located in a Hawaiian tropical jungle, we receive over 300 inches of rainfall a year.
Our Mountain Volcano, Mauna Kea, has an elevation gradually increasing to over 14,000 feet above sea level
Our farm is on Akaka Falls Road, which is 1/2 mile south of the State Park at the 1000’ elevation.
When we purchased this location, we started building a home and orchard. We planted a tropical fruit Orchard for the purpose of making wonderful fruit preserves, marmalades, fruit butters and sauces for you and your family.

When we purchased this location, we started building a home and orchard. We planted a tropical fruit Orchard for the purpose of making wonderful fruit preserves, marmalades,
fruit butters and sauces for you and your family.

We live in a wonderfully beautiful place with good friends and neighbors with a more relaxed lifestyle than most of the world and one we love to share. A major influence comes from the native Hawaiian culture and the cultural diversity of our Islands. 

I believe in our local understanding of Ohana (family) where understanding the customs and local history of our friends and neighbors and respecting their cultures that surround us makes for a more caring, compassionate living and wonderful working world.

We live on the rural side of the big island of Hawaii which up to approximately 30 years ago was mostly sugarcane fields and grazing land which was a major source of income for this community.

After the sugar plantations left, we now have a very diverse population of small family-run agricultural farms, orchards, and ranches run by Portuguese, Hawaiian, Filipino, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Samoan, Pacific Islander, Japanese, Chinese descendants, and others. Our farm is one of many on the Hamakua coast.

For years we have been “organic” farmers, using different practices of organic growing. Tough we are not certified organic, we use no commercial chemicals or herbicides.
All our natural fertilizers and insecticides are made on the farm from natural materials, with one exception (We use local fishermen’s Pacific Ocean fish and scraps that we make fertilizers and nutrient teas from.)
We have over a hundred chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese which are not only on insect patrol, eating the slugs, beetles and other bugs, they also produce manure for us to use in our compost and fertilizers. We make our own organic teas and apply those to our trees and plants.
On our farm we have a full citrus orchard with different types of oranges, lemons, tangerines, limes, tangelos, blood oranges, kumquats, and calamondin. We purposely grow these to produce our marmalade’s
We also grow over 10 types of guava varieties, as well as lychees, longan, rambutan, Starfruit, starapples, waterapples, and jaboticaba fruits.
During the year we will grow as many as fifty different types of fruit and peppers on the farm including breadfruit, jackfruit, sapotes, many different types of bananas, some mangos, passion fruit vines, coffee, cacao, pineapple, low-chill peaches, blueberries, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, lemongrass, basil, Poha or gooseberry.
We also have a certified state and federal registered commercial kitchen, so ingredients are freshly processed daily.
Everything is processed fresh, then cooked fresh or stored at Sub-Zero temperatures for future use
You can find Us Weekly at the local farmer’s markets on Oahu and the Big Island.

Along with our most popular Artisan made Award-winning Preserves, Delicious Butters, Marmalade’s, Savory Sauces, and Honey, every week we try to make something new for our customers.

Over the last 5 years, we’ve earned over 150 states, National, and International Culinary Awards for outstanding flavors and taste.

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