Dark Kiawe Honey, 10 ounce jar.



Dark Kiawe Honey, 10 ounce jar.

Locally harvested Big Island Dark Kiawe Blossom Honey. It’s raw, unfiltered, with no heat used in the extraction. From the trees, to the bees, to your mouth. Ranging from a light to dark tan/brown color. Delicious multifloral naturally crystallizing honey. Seasonally harvested from the dry side of the Big Island.

A beautiful almost savory melody of flavor will tantalize your tastebuds. A wonderful sweetener for teas, muffins, toast, or breakfast cereals.

Awarded an American Good Food Award for 2018


Please Call us to replace any broken bottles during shipping… We guarantee all our jams, butters and honey for freshness and quality. – Call Corinne or Steve at the farm: 808-747-0539


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