Spiced Orange Cranberry Kombucha Recipe


Yield: 16 oz. (2 cups)


16 oz. (2 cups) home brewed kombucha or plain store-bought kombucha
1⁄4 cup Akaka Falls Farm Spiced Orange Cranberry Preserve
16 oz. long neck brewing bottle

  1. Using a small spoon, fill a 16 oz. glass long neck brewing bottle with 1⁄4 cup Akaka Falls Farm Spiced Orange Cranberry Preserve.
  2. Using a funnel, fill the bottle with kombucha, leaving 1⁄4-1⁄2 inch space on top.
  3. Close the bottle and shake gently to dissolve as much preserves as possible.
  4. Place the kombucha bottle on the countertop out of direct sunlight for 2 days minimum, up to 3-4 days.
  5. On the last day, or several hours before consumption, place the kombucha bottle in the refrigerator to chill, and to prevent exploding when opening.
  6. Strain through a sieve.
  7. Serve chilled, and with ice, if desired.

Natasha is one of our staff who loves to cook and bake, always sharing with friends and family. She assists in our kitchen and anywhere else she is needed. Natasha is a graduate of The Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts.
She shares wonderful recipes with us using our preserves. We are eagerly awaiting her next culinary creation.

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