“Strawberry Dark Chocolate Milk” (vegan) Recipe

“Strawberry Dark Chocolate Milk” (vegan) Recipe
We all love chocolate milk :).
Here is a vegan, low sugar, organically farmed Strawberry Chocolate
Milk recipe for the whole family.
Our Strawberry Dark Chocolate preserve is made with less organic
cane sugar than most preserves. This makes a wonderful low sugar
Strawberry Chocolate Milk for the whole family.


1 tablespoon Akaka Falls Farm’s Strawberry Dark Chocolate Preserve
1 1/2 cups of organic oat milk, or almond milk, or Mac nut milk, we
used oat milk
Strawberry for garnish

We rimmed the glass with cocoa powder and added a chocolate straw
as well.


Step 1. Add the tablespoon of the Strawberry Chocolate to a shaker
with no ice, add the milk and shake well until well blended.
Step 2. Pour the whole shaker into a glass. pour over ice if you’d like.
Step 3. Garnish with Strawberries or chocolate and enjoy


Katy always positive, energetic, professional and courteous has become a fixture at the Pearl Ridge, Waimea Falls, and Mililani Farmers Markets on Oahu selling our preserves. With an extensive background in fine food, spirits and the restaurant industry. A professional mixologist, her skill in creating and preparing original drinks and cocktails is amazing. A valued addition to our staff, we are so fortunate to have her represent us and share some of her culinary creations. I can’t wait, be sure to check back with us for her next fantastic creation.

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