“The Best” Black Chocolate Martini Cocktail Recipe


1 tablespoon  Steve’s Akaka Falls Farm “Coconut Black Chocolate Butter”
4 ounces of your favorite vodka (We used Grey Goose. This
popular vodka has neutral aromas and a slight sweetness and faint
hint of vanilla, not too much heat.)
Ice cubes
A couple of our other favorites
Core Apple Vodka, A small distiller using apples instead of grains to
make their vodka.They grow their own apples. We love to support
other farm to table producers.This product is made from fruit not
grain (especially wheat) so people who have gluten issues should
welcome this as an alternative to the usual. $30- $40.00 Learn
more about this vodka from Chris Carlsons review. https://
Downslope Pepper Vodka, Another small micro-distillery, They use
a custom designed copper potstill (and techniques they describe as
more artisanal than state of the art) Not too spicy, infused with
Indonesian Black Pepper, Red Thai Chiles and New Mexico dried
green chiles obtained from a roadside stand in New Mexico.
Wonderful in this Coconut Black Chocolate Martini, For those who
love their peppers. $35.00. Their Website is https://


Add, your favorite Vodka, Coconut Black Chocolate Butter and ice into shaker.

That’s all! Shake in a shaker with ice and serve. So easy and so good



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